We know - our menu is HUGE. There are lots of options and choices for you to pick from. All fantastic. And lots are recurring favorites for many of our clients. Take your time. Peruse through.

And if you have any special requests, certain dietary needs, or just downright have a good family recipe you want to feed to your many guests, let us know. We're flexible. 

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All appetizers serve 20-25 guests (except where noted) approx. 2 pieces each.

Fruits, Veggies & Cheeses

Fresh Fruit Platter


A beautiful assortment of in-season fresh fruit

Pesto & Sun-Dried Tomato Torte


(Serves 10-15 or 20-25)

A creamy blend of butter & cream cheese, layered w/ pesto & sun-dried tomatoes, served w/ assorted crackers

Grilled Asparagus


Fresh grilled asparagus served w/ lemon vinaigrette (seasonal availability)

Stuffed Mushrooms


Fresh mushroom caps stuffed w/ either zucchini & sun-dried tomatoes; or spicy Italian sausage & sun-

dried tomato. 



Chopped fresh roma tomatoes, basil & garlic top a freshly sliced baguette or Parmesan crostini

Veggie Platter


A fresh assortment of veggie sticks, served w/ a creamy, homemade spinach dip or homemade hummus

Asparagus Canapes


Fresh asparagus spears & herb cream cheese, wrapped in puff pastry & baked 'til golden

Hot Artichoke Dip


Artichokes combined w/ parmesan cheese & mayo, served hot & accompanied by homemade, seasoned pita chips

Baked Brie


Wheel of brie wrapped in pastry & baked 'til golden, served w/ assorted crackers & fruit

(Serves 10-15 or 20-25)

Melon & Prosciutto


Fresh melon slices wrapped w/ Italian prosciutto

Goat Cheese Crostini


A seasoned baguette topped w/ goat cheese, pesto & roasted red bell pepper

Veggie Spring Rolls


Crispy veggie-filled spring rolls served w/ a hot, sweet mustard sauce

Zucchini Cheese Squares


Bite-size squares of zucchini & cheese, baked & topped w/ parmesan cheese & sesame seeds

Crostini & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


A sweet red bell pepper sauce tops a seasoned & toasted sliced baguette

Bocconcini Skewers


Refreshing baby mozzarella marinated in garlic and basil, skewered w/ fresh tomato

Roasted Veggie Platter


A wonderful mélange of roasted veggies

Portobello Bruschetta


Portobello mushrooms marinated in a honey & balsamic vinegar top a sliced baguette w/ rosemary aioli

Veggie Puff Pastry


Squares of puff pastry filled w/ roasted squash, onions & goat cheese, then baked 'til golden

Artichoke Bites


Artichokes, eggs, parmesan & monterey cheeses, baked into yummy bite-size muffins

Small bite-size pieces of montchevre goat cheese rolled in sugar pecans & cranberries, served w/ gourmet crackers & grapes

Caramelized Onion & Kalamata Olive Tarts


Puff pastry cups filled w/ caramelized onions & kalamata olives

Portobello & Asiago Frittata


Golden frittata filled w/ portobello mushrooms, asiago cheese & basil

Onion Tarts


Puff pastry cups filled w/ goat cheese & caramelized onions, then baked to perfection

Hummus & Pita Chips


Traditional hummus with homemade pita chips

Charcuterie Board


A wonderful selection of domestic & imported cheeses and meats served w/ crackers, dried fruits, nuts and spreads.

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Chicken & Turkey

Glaze Teriyaki Chicken Wings


Tender marinated chicken drummettes sautéed & sprinkled w/ sesame seeds

Buffalo Wings


Tender, spicy chicken drummettes served w/ celery sticks & ranch

Chicken Tenders


Breaded chicken breasts, baked to a crispy brown & served w/ a honey mustard dipping sauce

Chicken Pesto Pinwheels


Chicken breasts stuffed w/ pesto, then baked, sliced & served on a fresh baguette w/ dijon mustard

Thai Chicken Skewers


Chicken breasts marinated in a sesame ginger marinade, served w/ a peanut sauce

Southwest Chipotle Skewers


Juicy chicken breasts marinated in chipotle & cilantro

Chicken Spring Rolls